Meet the Artist

Goldsmith Linda Weiss

"The jewelry, images, and vessels that I create are inspired by many varied sources: earth or land formations; natural phenomena; botanical references; jewelry from ancient civilizations; favorite passages in literature; extensive early training in classical dance; and other personal experiences.

Additionally, a significant degree of motivation for my work comes from a persistent need for expression through some other means than written or verbal language. I am extremely motivated by an affinity for the material: METAL - gold; silver; bronze; platinum and pewter - its look, its feel, and its physical properties.

Manipulation of the material is also an important source of inspiration, with an active concern for the formal elements of design: line, form, volume, composition, texture, reflection, contrast and movement. Often a particular process or tool is selected because of the surface it will create - and how the marks made by that tool, or process, may guide the viewer’s eye to engage with the lines or form of the piece.

Some designs incorporate diamonds, pearls, or colored gems to complete the composition. Other pieces may include non-precious materials such as wood or stone. The choice of metal and other materials may be determined by the aesthetic intention of the piece, or by a client’s request.

It is my belief that exacting craftsmanship should complement creative expression. It is my intent that my jewelry be comfortably wearable and contribute to the wearer’s distinct individuality. With my holloware, I aspire to invite the viewer to experience the vessel from a tactile as well as visual perspective. I remain dedicated to creating aesthetically unique, enduring designs of the highest quality craftsmanship."

- Linda Weiss