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Copa de Oro

forming gold vaseshaping gold vaseThis is the process of "forging" to make the metal thinner, and achieve a larger volume capacity for the vessel. This vessel was initially started by pressing an 11" disc of 20 gauge sheet metal with a Bonny Doon 50 ton hydraulic press.

Gold vase finished with second vinegold vase finished

The stems are added after the vessel is complete. The first step is attached in the photograph to the left. The finished work has two supporting stems and stands 7.5" high.

Photography by Fred Dickenson

Tzedakah box for Congregation Shir Ha Ma'a lot

Tzedakah Box

This is a CAD rendering image, from the early in the design process, of an obelisk style sculptural 5 foot tall Tzedakah box for the foyer of Shir Ha Ma'a lot, a reform Synagogue in Irvine, California. The base was created from granite, and the Tzedakah box was made of cherry with pigmented resin inlays.

This view illustrates the upward spiraling movement of the sculpture, representing the "Song Of Ascent" – English translation of the name of the synagogue.

Tzedakah box detail

Two of the 3 sides have the musical staff lines that are shown here on only one side. There are slots for inserting charitable contributions, and in lieu of musical notes there will be letters positioned on the lines of the musical staff. One side will have English letters, the other will be Hebrew letters. The letters will spell the word "Tzedakah" which is the Hebrew word with several meanings– justice, righteousness, piety and charity.

The Temple's logo, a menorah motif designed by Cantor Shikler, is on the terminal top surface, which is a slightly convex triangular shape, derived from one of the triangular forms in the Star of David on the base.

Concepts for the design of the sculpture involved that it be enduring, engaging to look at and represent something meaningful to the congregation, Rabbi Steinberg, and the donors as well as inspire the generosity of Tzedakah.

Tea for Two at 3AM Teapot

Copper Teapot

The idea, inspiration and composition of this teapot originated from the Picasso Marble that became the finial. The shape, strata and coloration of the marble led to the visualization of the vessel form. Rocks, seeds, wood, bones, and other natural forms, have always been a source of inspiration for my work. These shapes and textures are evident in my pieces – sometimes implied and abstracted - or perhaps in a more realistic manner.

What attracted me to this piece of marble was the "smoky" variation in color, the matte surface and the simplicity of shape. Copper was selected for the teapot because the patina created would complement the coloration of the stone. The interior of the teapot was silver plated making it practical for use, as well as to play upon the soft grays in the marble. Ebony was selected for the handle, and "spacer" to tie into the darker colors of the stone. The handle was formed to echo the shape of the vessel, provide a feeling of balance when pouring, and to serve as an insulator- preventing heat from the teapot from being transmitted up the handle.

California Poppies

Poppy Drawings

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